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Why Terracotta Pots?      Benefits of Greek Yogurt

The passion behind Kalypso

Kalypso Yogurt was founded by Nikolas Trastelis with the sole purpose of offering traditional, yet authentically crafted yogurt products using only the highest quality ingredients. Our yogurt was developed around the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle consisting of good food, sun and most importantly good company, we call this “parea”.

Nikolas insisted that these same ideals were maintained in the philosophy behind the brand. Made locally here in New York State, we couldn't wait to share a bit of our Greek heritage with our fellow New Yorkers.

We as New Yorkers are a discerning bunch, and know a good thing when we see it or in our case taste it. Because of this we listened to our customers and gave them what they wanted. The result is an authentically crafted premium Greek yogurt, made the old fashioned way.

It wasn’t easy though, growing increasingly frustrated with the exploitation of Greek products in the marketplace claiming authenticity our founder Nikolas set out on a culinary odyssey of his own. Touring throughout his homeland rediscovering cultural roots, acquiring methods and recipes for our fruit on the bottom and yogurt products, leaving no small village or Mediterranean island stone unturned. We know that you will enjoy the results.

“I decided that I wanted to deliver an unequaled quality of Greek Yogurt steeped in tradition from a country famous for its strained yogurt. Initially to the Greek- American immigrants who were hungry for a taste of home. To me it was never just about yogurt, it was more like how I was going to share this gift of nature. It was then that I realized that in order to be successful we had to be different”. ( Nikolas Trastelis, Founder )

Here at Kalypso Yogurt the process of crafting our yogurt begins with selecting the highest quality ingredients. No compromises!

Our hormone and antibiotic free Grade A milk is sourced and delivered almost daily. It’s then pasteurized and blended with our active probiotic cultures. These are the “good bacteria” which help revitalize our bodies from the everyday stresses we put them through. These cultures begin the fermentation process which turns the naturally occurring sugar or “lactose” found in milk into lactic acid.

We later strain our yogurt using centuries old methods until we achieve the appropriate thickness you have come to expect from a premium Greek yogurt, and enough to remove 97% of the whey. Only after extensive tasting's as well as meeting our precise specifications do we begin filling the terracotta cups that you have come to love.

The result? Our seductively delicious, creamy and thick artisanal Kalypso Greek Yogurt.

Let Kalypso seduce you and get started on your own Odyssey!

Why Terracotta Pots?

Terrcotta PotsAside from being the traditional way of serving Greek yogurt. Kalypso has chosen to use terracotta pots for its packaging both to protect and preserve the freshness and premium great taste of our yogurt products, along with being environmentally friendly.

Our terracotta pots are a 100% sustainable packaging. This means that there is no environmental impact and they are eco-friendly.

Our partner carefully selects the clay used to create our pots and maintains the highest standards in manufacturing. In fact the environmental impact of creating our pots is significantly lower than any other type of packaging offered by our competitors.

Clay is an inert non-polluting material and environmentally friendly. Its an unlimited natural resource and it does not contaminate the air, water or the earth. We are happy about that!

Kalypso’s terracotta cups are re-sealable too! Simply break away the tamper proof lid, enjoy our yogurt, and recap it if you can’t finish it. We are confident that you will find many uses for the pots. Be sure to let us know how you are recycling them!

The benefits of going Greek!

Greek yogurt may be an ancient food but it has been experiencing a modern renaissance. A key component in the Mediterranean diet plan, Greek yogurt, along with generous amounts of fruits and vegetables and whole grains with every meal is part of our secret for a healthy lifestyle in Greece. Getting most of our fats from healthy sources such as extra virgin olive oil, nuts, and fish at least two to three times a week is essential. The message that we at Kalypso Yogurt would like to convey is for our consumer to occupy their lives with lots of activity, Mediterranean nutrition, and a no stress attitude in life.

Regularly eating an authentic Greek yogurt with live active cultures supports a healthy digestive and immune system. Our yogurt is also a good source of protein and even an excellent source of calcium. It’s also low in Sodium and Carbohydrates.

If you happen to be lactose intolerant as many of us are, no worries. We strain approximately 97% of the whey protein out of our yogurt products so we still get the nutritional benefits of milk with none of the digestive problems.

Kalypso Yogurt is also a great substitute for milk, and sour cream and is very often used in baking due to its texture. Its smooth, rich and thick consistency is part of what makes Greek yogurt different than regular yogurt. It’s strained to remove the whey. When whey is removed, so is water, which creates a thicker, more creamier yogurt product. Did you know that it takes four gallons of milk to produce just one gallon of our Greek Yogurt?

Another reason why Kalypso Greek yogurt is so popular is because it leaves you feeling full with very few calories and best of all its fat free.

So go ahead and create your own Odyssey, and allow Kalypso to seduce you!



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